Motion Graphics


Motion Graphics

Animation, video, and somewhere in-between. I've done it all. I have experience in Aftereffects, Premiere, and Media Encoder.


Midland States Bank Ad



Hello Spring Facebook cover photo


A plane and a bird

This is a quirky animation of an unlikely friendship. I hand drew each scene on tracing paper and then scanned each into my computer. Then I took the drawings and colorized them in Photoshop one by one, and eventually put them all together and added music. In total, there were over 200 hand-drawn slides I created.


motion animation

The goal of this animation was to portray the meaning of a quote with only shapes and motion. I gave different parts of the animation unique emotions through color, sound, and movement to really bring the quote to life.



This was an addition to the DeMarini Print Advertisements that I created. I wanted to continue through all of the advertisements the idea that the power of the bat was taking over the player. The slow build up of electricity that explodes when the player hits the ball is my way of portraying this power.


sEe her as strong

Through this video, I narrate what it's like for a person with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), and I tell the personal stories that I've had as well as people I love. I portray the emotions and events in an abstract way to give the story some distance and just a little bit of discomfort, much how a person with MS must feel.